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Who Is Tred Wear?

Tred Wear is a company that specializes in manufacturing custom printed letters used in tires.  For the longest time, enthusiasts try to imitate the look of racing cars with aggressive body kits and lowered stances. However, Tred Wear did step it up a notch by allowing you to replicate the “Bold Letterings” on the tire’s sidewall, commonly seen in race cars. They have spearheaded this trend and are now the go-to brand when it comes to this upgrade.

Not Just A Pen

This is not your typical white or colored marker you buy from the supply store. Instead, these are industrial-grade, robust tire stickers that firmly adhere to the tires. It can even hold the pressure from a pressure washer.

Custom Made For You

Tred Wear allows you to install custom-made stickers with a wide range of sizes that would fit any tire profile. In addition, they can do whatever lettering you want in any style and any color. These letters are made out of high-quality rubber with an industrial-grade adhesive at the back. It provides that authentic race car looks to your vehicle.

Purchase Tred Wear Products At Vivid Racing

If you want to complete that race car look of your tires and want to have that proper white lettering on your tires, then Tred Wear is the company for you. They are the leading experts in these products and have provided tons of tuners and enthusiasts everywhere. To know more about Tred Wear, visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of products that fit your specific need.