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VR Tuned ECU Flash Tune Ford Mustang GT350 5.2L V8 526HP 2015-2017

$600.00 Sale:$400.00

VR Tuned

Model #VRT-FORD-MSGT350-15-52L

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This product is for Racing Competition only and is not legal for use in highway or street vehicles or other non-racing competition off-road vehicles.

Purchasing this product requires you to sign our Vehicle Compliance Waiver here.

Its time to get more power out of your Ford Mustang GT350 with the 5.2L V8. The 2015-2017 model has untapped resources and VR Tuned can help bring this performance out. Gain up to 20 rear wheel horsepower and 25FT/LBs of torque with our ECU Flash. While dyno sheets are great to show where power is made with small gains under 30 horsepower, what is more important is how it drives on the street. Along with improved performance numbers comes better throttle response, faster 0-60mph time, and a stronger top end pull on the highway. Designed for both automatic and manual cars, the automatic Mustang GT's have their shifting cleaned up while the rev limiter on both is raised to give you faster quarter mile times. This is the optimal tune for 93 octane vehicles. 91 octane cars can expect similar performance but with slightly reduced figures. We alter the factory timing and fueling maps to offer reliable, safe, and strong peak performance gains.  All tuning is done via the OBD2 port using the new HP Tuners MPVI2 system.

Crank Horsepower Ratings:

  • Stock Power: 526hp | 429ft/lbs
  • Tuned Power: 546hp | 454ft/lbs

What are the benefits of VR Tuned?

  • #1 priority is our customer service to you!
  • Our tuning is used worldwide. We have powered vehicles of all types worldwide including JDM, EU, Australian, and USA cars.
  • All ECU tunes can be reverted back to stock if necessary.
  • With the VR Tuned ECU Flash, basic bolt-on performance parts will not require a retune of your ECU.  Adding parts such as an exhaust, intake, plenum, will all adjust with the tune.
  • We can tune for different elevations and octane used.  If you add higher octane fuel, the ECU will adjust accordingly.
  • We test and dyno tune on our own cars to make sure what you get is safe, reliable, and gives you the results you want!

How to Flash Your ECU?

  • Use the HP Tuners MPVI2 OBDII Device.  This is sold as an option to the tune price (view specs below).  Each device has credits already assigned so you just need to plug it in and follow the steps.  See Instructions Here.
  • Bring your vehicle to our Arizona facility where we can use our MPVI2 Master Tool to flash your vehicle. Credits are still required to be purchased.


  • Stage 1 is for pump gas while Stage 2 is for those running 100octane or higher unleaded fuel.
  • Top Speed Limiter Raised (VMax Removal)
  • Other Requests Available at an optional cost.


  • 2005-2017 Ford Mustang GT350 5.2L V8

How HP Tuners MPVI2 Works

HP Tuners VCM Editor

Your custom ECU tuning comes from VR Tuned and our team of calibration specialists.  However with the HP Tuners MPVI2, you get so many more features.  The VCM Editor (see features here) allows you to easily read your vehicles control modules flash memory and save it in our proprietary .HPT file structure. VCM Editor enables you to adjust a multitude of complex parameters such as torque strategies, spark tables, fueling, RPM limits, fan activations, transmission shift points and pressures, exhaust valve control, speedometer settings and many more.  You do not have to do these, however it gives you the freedom to further work with the software or any dyno tuning specialist.

HP Tuners VCM Scanner

In addition to the VCM Editor, the MPVI2 also works with the VCM Scanner (see features here).  Using the MPVI2 you now have the most powerful and comprehensive scan tool on the market. View, chart, and log diagnostic data in real time via the vehicle’s OBDII diagnostic data port. View and clear vehicle Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) along with other vehicle module information. Command control functions like closed loop, fans, gear select, timing, air fuel ratio and so more all in real time. No editor package can be considered complete without comprehensive scan tool capabilities.

HP Tuners Race Render

Another great plug-in for the HPTuners MPVI2 is Race Render.  There is a free version and paid version that can be used for your HP Tuners MPVI2 (see features here)  Create amazing videos with high-tech data overlays for GPS, OBD-2, and much more! Show more of the action with picture-in-picture video, 360° video, and 4K Ultra HD. Make it your own with customizable layouts and data visualizations, and your own logo graphics.  Create telemetry data overlays for your auto racing, autocross, rally / rallycross, drag racing, drifting, gymkhana, motocross, aviation, sailing, cycling, mountain biking / MTB, running, and other activities! Works for any track or course. Includes additional features for road course racing and track days.

HP Tuners Track Addict

You can also download the HPTuners Track Addict for your smartphone!  Turn your smartphone into a powerful motorsports telemetry and video system.  See your lap times instantly, capture video and telemetry data, analyze laps and data, and impress your fans with video+data overlays!  You can download this on the Apple or Android App Store by clicking below.



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