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Unichip North America (UNA) is the US division of an internationalorganization of car enthusiasts dedicated to making engine power…the most power available from any given combination of parts.

Over 15 years ago, when engine control began transitioning fromre-jetting your carburetor and chalking your crank pulley so youcould see it with a timing light, our tuners wanted to continueperformance tuning… and realized the best way to do so was tocreate a programmable computer to control the OEM computer. Becausethe computer they created was a universal device that couldmanipulate any type of engine… they called it the Unichip.

For enthusiasts looking to go to the next level, all Unichipproducts are real time custom tunable on either the street or onthe dyno by qualified tuning shops. Finally, for aftermarketmanufacturers... from turbo charger kits to cold air intakes…theUnichip can be calibrated to optimize any set of compatiblecomponents. All with a single computer and one set of software. Toround things off, our Flux2 In Car Display connects to any Unichip& instantly adds a professional user friendly interface. Inconjunction with our overseas affiliates, performance Unichips areused in 47 countries around the world as the preferred tuningsolution… wherever you find car guys looking to make more power,you’ll find the Unichip.

We supply OE companies like Mitsubishi and Isuzu who sell Unichippackages right off of the showroom floor as well as aftermarketmanufacturers like APS, Turbonetics, Vortech, Procharger, and TurboCenter among others have selected Unichip as their engine controlsolution. Our employees are where you are… on the street, on thetrack, in the mud, or climbing rocks, performance and power coursesthrough our veins just like it does through yours!

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