What is UUC Motorwerks?

UUC Motorwerks is the acronym for Underground Upgrade Club, which designs and builds the best in performance and race components for BMWs. It was opened 1998 by enthusiasts who wanted to produce a product lineup that would boast high quality without compromise. UUC Motorwerks started out as petrolheads just like you, merely wanting the best upgrades for their cars but having to wade through inferior quality and misinformation to find them. Its initial goal was, and still remains, to develop ideal automotive solutions without cutting any corners when it came to quality or design. The brand also strives to educate its consumer base about their vehicles in terms of potential performance enhancement and why UUC’s designs stand out among the rest.

What Does UUC Motorwerks Do?

UUC Motorwerks manufactures an extensive line of performance tuning products for BMW models, in addition to select performance models of other marques. UUC’s engineering expertise is utilized in several co-branded and private-labeled products for other tuners as well as at the OE level.

UUC is there for those gearheads who have “significant others” who may not understand the desire and need to enhance the performance or appearance of their vehicle. This includes getting constant questions about why you need new wheels or suspension if yours are fine and not worn out. If you fall into this category, then UUC Motorwerks empathizes with you and welcomes you to the club.

Commitment to Quality

UUC stands for the ultimate in quality automotive and racing parts. The company finds a weakness in the OEM design of a product and improves on it for added reliability, performance, and a better driving experience overall. If UUC can make it better, they will. That is the prime design and manufacturing philosophy at UUC Motorwerks. All of its products are manufactured right here in the USA, which is a testament to the quality of products UUC is dedicated to providing.

Upgrade to UUC Motorwerks Today

If you are in the market to improve on the looks or functionality of your BMW, then you have come to the right place. Vivid Racing carries an impressive lineup of parts from UUC Motorwerks, including brake calipers and lines, bushings, complete clutch kits, handling arms, flywheels, twin and triple discs, sway bars, strut bars, mufflers, pulleys, short shifters and more! If you have any questions pertaining to the items listed above, please do not hesitate to call our expert sales team at (480) 966-3040.