Who is Variant?

Variant is an aftermarket company that produces custom wheels for the automotive industry. Being in the business for more than 50 years has enabled them to gain knowledge and expertise in creating stylish rims that many enthusiasts enjoy today.

A Wheel for Every Need

The company has created some of the finest wheels in the market. To do so, they utilize different manufacturing methods, such as forging and flow forging. Flow forging is done by spinning the wheel at high speed while it is formed. This results in a lighter and stronger wheel compared to those that are cast-formed. They offer different wheel designs that come in various staggered fitments and sizes.

Variant’s popularity is also because of the features of their wheels. All of their wheels are compatible with the TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor) and can be used to fit most of the High-Performance Big Brakes as well. Hence, This is also the wheel of brand by many high-end muscle cars and exotic vehicles such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Ferrari, Audi, Infinity, and Lamborghini, to name a few.

Purchase Variant Wheel at Vivid Racing

Changing your stock rims could dramatically change how your car looks, not to mention how it performs. Elevate your vehicle’s appearance by upgrading your rims to Variant Wheels. Trusted by enthusiasts worldwide, Variant has the right set of rims for you, whatever car you may have. Visit Vivid Racing and check out the various wheels designs and sizes that would fit your specific style.