Who is Vemar?

Vemar is a helmet manufacturing company founded in Italy in the 1970s. With over 40 years in the industry, it has created a name for itself. In fact, it became one of the leading helmet manufacturers in the industry.

High-Quality Standard

The helmet is the most important gear of a motorcycle rider. Hence it must perform what it's supposed to do. All of Vemar helmets are engineered to comply with the ECE and DOT standard, making it safe for street use and should be able to help save lives in case of an accident.

The outer layer of their helmets are made out of reinforced thermo polymers that are lightweight but strong enough to take any impact.

Comfort Features

Vemar ensures that they got all the bases covered when creating a high-quality helmet. It should not only look good and be safe but should also be comfortable to wear. 

Using a technical fiber in the helmets padding, it aids in preventing fungus and bacteria buildups, it also serves as a good cushion for the riders face making it comfortable to wear. 

Some of their helmet designs offer internal drop-down sun visors that help maintain 100% vision even in the glaring sunlight. The helmets are also designed to have multiple vents and exhaust ports to help improve air circulation.

Purchase Vemar Helmets at Vivid Racing

One should never compromise their safety, especially when riding a motorcycle. A good helmet is the best investment you can do on the bike and Vemar is a company you can trust. With a variety of designs and styles to choose from, you will definitely find a helmet that would suit your preference. Visit Vivid Racing and check out what Vemar has in store for you.