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VIEROL AG, a significant German auto parts manufacturer, owns the VAICO brand. VAICO auto parts have a product range of almost 17 thousand component pieces presently. The quality badge Q+ has been awarded to over 1000 articles. Jurgen R. Viertelhaus founded the VIEROL AG in Rastede in 1977. The company specialised in producing spare components for German autos. The company has shown active involvement in the development of a distribution network and is quickly establishing a reputation as a reliable provider of electric and braking system components since 1988. The VAICO trademark was registered in 1999. VAICO now exports car parts to over 125 countries worldwide.


VAICO products are certified and made in accordance to meet the European quality standards ISO. All automotive components are made with original brand packaging and have protective holograms. VAICO car parts in their specifications and operational characteristics totally match the car brand. Top-quality spare parts compatible with vehicles of American, European, and Asian brands are manufactured at VAICO.


The original auto parts are that are offered by the VAICO brand on the market include axle U-joints and CV joints (constant velocity joints), shock absorbers, suspension and steering components (stabilizer links, wishbones), brake system parts (brake discs, pads, and hoses), rubber-metal products, filters, and engine components. V25-0576 stabilizer links for Ford Focus II, Volvo C30, and other vehicles are in the strongest demand among car owners. The brand manufactures genuine spare parts and offers a vast variety of spare parts, with almost 1 million component items on their list.


The VAICO products at Vivid Racing include accessory drive belt tensioner pulley for Mercedes-Benz, auto trans filter kit, ball joint Audi 80 front left lower 1988, automatic transmission fluid atf, BMW assortment fasteners 19 pieces, and many more on our website.