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The VMF C-01 is a forged wheel designed with riding comfort in mind. "Mode Forged" is a revolutionary method of forging wheels that places an emphasis on appearance. The smooth, shiny, and sculptured 3D beauty of this wheel is a worthy product of RAYS's Original Forging Method.

However, VMF is not solely concerned with design. It upends the common concept of forged wheels in Japan, where the term "forged" refers to "light" and "sports wheel." VMF contributes to the ride quality of your vehicle by providing forged wheels that are superior in terms of ride comfort and noise created by wheels and wind.


The VMF C-01 is a forged wheel with an enhanced design that represents a new style. They utilize RAYS' exclusive forging technology, which results in complicated designs that are otherwise difficult to obtain by forging. This means that forged wheels can now include thick, twisted spokes that radiate strength and three-dimensional ridges that resemble human skeletons, transforming them into pieces of art.

The Shining Black Metal Coat used in VMF Wheels is an original paint from Rays that?s more brilliant than conventional silver. They can finely regulate the paint film by creating a coating method specifically for this paint. Additionally, the thin coating highlights the deep black base for unmatched beauty. As a result, an attractive finish is created that sparkles in the light and transforms into a glossy black in the dark. Rays' proprietary AMT technology allows four distinct logos to be carved into the spoke undercuts. Moreover, the rim's outer edge is machined to create a distinct border with the tire, emphasizing the C-01's presence.


The product line of VMF includes both classic and innovative styles in different types and models, including the 5 spoke and split spoke C-01 wheels, which are available in a variety of sizes, finishes, and face designs.


The products of VMF included in Vivid Racing are the 5 spoke and split spoke C-01 Wheels with multiple color options like matte gunblack, shining black metal, side dark gunmetal and side brightening metal dark.