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VR Tuned ECU Flash Tune Porsche 997 Turbo S DFI 11-13[VRT-9972-TTS]


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Coming from the factory with 530hp in the Porsche Turbo S, it was already at a new level of quickness. Having done R&D on a 2010 Turbo PDK and our own 2011 Turbo S PDK, we were familiar with and where the cars strengths and weaknesses were. Even though the Turbo S comes from the factory with 30 more horsepower, there is always more room to improve. Not only looking to make strong power, we also improve the delivery and driveability of the 997 Turbo S throughout the entire RPM range. With our very own 2011 Porsche Turbo S we were able to experience this dramatic change in performance by the ECU Flash. Typically when running the Turbo in Sport Mode, the vehicles throttle response and low end torque is noticed on both the dyno and street, however based on EGT temps, Sport Mode can usually yield lower mid to top end power. The ECU tune is effective in both standard and sport mode. Typically you will see the boost increase to 16psi in standard and 18-19psi in sport. With Sport Mode on, the car spooled up quicker making peak torque at about 400rpm faster. However this then tapered off earlier as usual with cars in Sport Mode. Overall, the substantial increase in performance still retains a comfortable daily driveability experience. The power is there when your foot wants it, but the Porsche never loses its 997 comfortable feeling.

Crank Horsepower Ratings:
Stock Power - 530HP and 510ft/lbs
Tuned Power - 615HP and 590ft/lbs

What are the benefits of VR Tuned?

  • #1 priority is our customer service to you!
  • Our tuning is used worldwide. We can provide you a tuned file no matter the octane you get or the environment you live in. We do both EU and USA vehicles running 91oct (95ron) or 93oct (98ron).
  • All ECU flashing is done via the OBDII port. We provide you the cable and all you need is a Windows base laptop or a Mac booted up as a windows machine.
  • There is no need for an internet connection, minimum processor requirements, or worrying about bricking your DME.
  • You can flash your ECU at your convenience without incurring any downtime where others require the removal of your ECU.
  • The VR Tuned flash client exports out your original file so you may flash your car back to stock at anytime.
  • The flash client saves your ECU information in a recovery mode if you incur any issues during the writing process so you can easily restore your file.
  • Basic scan tool functions that can view trouble codes and clear them are part of the software.
  • With the VR Tuned ECU Flash, basic bolt-on performance parts will not require a retune of your ECU. Adding parts such as an exhaust, headers, air intake, throttlebody and plenum, will all adjust with the tune. If you add higher octane fuel, the ECU will adjust accordingly. Anytime you add higher octane, the fuel will burn slower providing your vehicle with improved performance. We never recommend using leaded gas such as C16 as this will destroy your O2 sensors and catalytic converters.
  • Each VR Tuned order receives a special carrying case to hold your OBDII connector and cable.
  • We include a wrench style USB stick to save your files on and also give you a nice VR stick on badge for your car or toolbox.
  • View the HOW TO flash your vehicle instructions on the site here. You can also view the video process below.

If you have any questions about the Porsche 997 Turbo S DFI ECU Flash, please contact our friendly support team!

For reference, this ECU is a Siemens SDI3 and can be OBDII flashed.

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