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What Is Wedge Engineering?

Wedge Engineering is a family owned and operated business that specializes in aftermarket racing seat adapter brackets. The company has been manufacturing seat brackets and supplying them to the world’s top seat brands for nearly 40 years. When it comes to seat brackets, Wedge Engineering is the number one source and top choice in the world.

The Wedge team fully understands just how important quality is, especially when it comes to safety. There are a number of variables involved to correct install aftermarket seats. If you do not have the proper brackets, a lot can go wrong and it can be dangerous in the end. That is why Wedge Engineering has done all the “dirty work” to ensure that the installation process for aftermarket seats is as simple as possible. The last thing Wedge Engineering wants is for the excitement of new seats to be overshadowed by the frustration of poorly designed seat brackets.

What Does Wedge Engineering Do?

As aforementioned, Wedge Engineering specializes in aftermarket seat brackets for companies like Recaro, Konig, MOMO, Corbeau, Sparco, Cobra, and more! Wedge manufactures brackets to fit each individual car from the floor right up to the bottom of the seat. The company currently has a comprehensive line of brackets for approximately 1,000 different cars, with more being added all the time.

Each individual seat bracket is custom made to order from the highest quality steel available. It is crafted to fit the exact car and seat at the time it is ordered. You will never have to deal with flimsy rails being the only thing holding you and your race seat into the car. With Wedge Engineering seat rails and brackets, you will feel incredibly safe and secure, as you should! 

Why Choose Wedge Brackets?

Wedge Engineering has a custom bracket for nearly every vehicle ever made. In 99 percent of cases, a Wedge bracket will bolt to your floor with little to no modifications. The brackets were designed from the factory bracket and floorboard. What's more, Wedge Engineering does its best to design seat brackets to sit your aftermarket seats at the same height as your OEM/factory seats. If by some chance, you need Wedge Engineering to modify a bracket because it doesn’t fit perfectly, the team is happy to do so. Just send the bracket back specifying what changes need to be made and they will make it happen. Wedge Engineering is so confident that you won’t find a better bracket for less that they offer a lifetime warranty on all products. 

Find Wedge Engineering at Vivid Racing

Upgrade your comfort and safety levels with Wedge Engineering’s aftermarket seat brackets. Vivid Racing carries an extensive lineup of Wedge seat brackets for a wide range of makes, models, and applications. If you have any questions regarding fitment or about Wedge Engineering products, please contact our specialized sales team at (480) 966-3040. We are here to make the purchase process a pleasant and seamless experience for all of our customers.