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What is Savini?

Created in 2003, a premium product enables customers to convey their characters through automotive culture. They highly developed and built a product line to fit individual styles as enthusiasts. Since they don't just cut off the same content, they want to accept the customer's person with the same uniqueness as in the Savini Forged rows. Each order starts with a plain fabric made from the most delicate materials and customized by their imagination. That stayed successful with this concept that they decided to mainstream their idea by creating a 'Black di Forza' line for the impulse enthusiast.

Their continued dedication to innovate has grown the distribution network in over 30 countries worldwide. Believe in maintaining momentum through a passion for the automotive industry. They have been labelled The Gold Standard and become one of the most sought-after products globally. Showcasing clients attention to detail to perfect every design.

Ultimate Commitment To High Quality

A state of the art module provides the ability to customize each Savini wheel, giving the option to change and combine thousands of different color compounds for different parts of custom wheels. Savini Forged wheel line emphasizes wheels with 3-piece cut, formed with precision 3D.T. Forged 6061 T6 aluminum block and computer processing technology. To Ensure the luxury, luxurious cars and the highest specification are simply the perfect choice.

Savini is motivated by the passion for providing top-of-the-line, creative spokes. These custom rims are made of aluminum alloy of aerospace quality, and Savini is one of the key reasons that make the most strong wheels on the market Savini. A solid one-year warranty backs all Savini wheels upon peeling, flaking, blistering, and any other material craft errors. What more makes Savini wheels that much special is each size diversity. These wheels come in sizes ranging of 18 inches to 28 inches, so no matter what kind of vehicles, Savini has a set that will satisfy your needs to perfection.

Purchase Savini Wheels In Vivid Racing

The look of a car dramatically depends on the wheels. Knowing that Savini brings a wide range of creative and innovative projects. Savini wheels are not merely one of the most innovative wheels but also the several coveted ones. please contact our specialized team at (480) 966-3040.