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Why Choose Work Wheels?

Work Wheels is a premium wheel manufacturer based in Japan. Their products are designed for both motorsport and street applications. The company is globally renowned for its “WORK Equip” and “WORK Meister” range of wheels. Today, their wheels continue to be in high demand by countless drivers and car enthusiasts around the world.

A Leading Manufacturer of Forged Wheels

Work Wheels launched their first line of wheels in 1997 called “WORK Equip”, which are still manufactured today due to popular demand. The company is universally considered as the leading manufacturer of Single, Two, and Three piece forged wheels for automobiles.

It adopted an “on-demand system” so they can manufacture wheels upon request of their customers and corporate clients. Some of their biggest corporate clients include Dunlop Falken Tires, TOYO Tire & Rubber, Toyota Modellista International, and more.

A Style for Every Car

Using advanced engineering and automobile manufacturing technology, Work Wheels managed to create a series of wheels that offer stunning designs and extensive variety of fitments. This expansive selection allows you to choose fitments ranging from standard to aggressive depending on your needs.

Choose from a wide selection of designs from the entire Work Wheel line and other wheel accessories to match them here at Vivid Racing. We carry Work Meister, Seeker, XSA, Zistance, Equip, Emotion, and more.